NBRA Launches Repair Industry Requirements (RIR) for ADAS

15 July 2021 | David Young

"With vehicle technology advancing at a fast pace, it is essential that the bodyshop industry ensures that its repairs are to the required standard and specification", Chris Weeks, director NBRA

NBRA Launches Repair Industry Requirements (RIR) for ADAS

Earlier this year insurance companies released the Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) for ADAS via Thatcham Research, and requested that bodyshop's would need to adhere to the guidance if they wanted to obtain and complete work for certain insurance companies and work providers.

There has been no mention of any type of commercial recompense for the extra cost of training staff to the make them competent to calibrate ADAS, or for the staff to be trained to be aware of ADAS and furthermore the audit trail that is mandated to follow this process.

As a result of a recent IIR survey sent to NBRA members and the industry, NBRA has created the RIR Repair Industry Requirements that supports the IIR as best practice and sets out the repairer charges.

Weeks continues, "The RIR includes a schedule of costs that will ensure that bodyshop's can charge out a fair cost for placing the vehicle back to vehicle manufacturer specification, along with the time allocated to triage the vehicle and audit trail the safety critical ADAS features, functionality as requested by the IIR.

"With the above in mind please review the RIR and if you have implemented all the requirements to be IIR compliant, the NBRA advises to use the schedule of costs that will both aid the repairer and the work provider in a transparent manner."

More including recommended scale of charges: NBRA