Car clubs reduce car parc

08 June 2021 | David Young

Nearly 100,000 private vehicles have been taken off the road as rising number of people sign up to car clubs

Car clubs reducing cars on road

Businesses can improve the efficiency, cost and safety of their grey fleets by encouraging employees to use car club vehicles or by investing in a fleet of low emission or electric vehicles for work related journeys

The shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility (CoMoUK) has carried out new research into car club usage across the country, finding that 6,060 car club vehicles are now in operation – resulting in 99,355 private cars no longer required.

That is because people are persuaded to sell their own car for the cheaper, greener car club alternative or defer buying one when they take up car club membership.

The annual report found there are 634,606 total car club members in England, Scotland and Wales, including 229,464 active users, with membership more than doubling since 2018, while more than a fifth said they had put off buying their own car.

Meanwhile, the average age of a car club vehicle is just 1.6 years, and they are 10 times more likely to be electric than private cars.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: "It's really encouraging to see this rise in car club members across the country, which highlights the role we all play in finding greener, more sustainable ways to travel. This is an important step in us meeting our climate change targets, reducing pollution in our towns and cities and making journeys more affordable as we build back greener."